Rebar A-III (A400), A500, A500C, At800

Reinforcement is a round steel bar of a periodic profile intended for reinforcing conventional and prestressed reinforced concrete structures, road pavements, and also for manufacturing a wide range of reinforcement products (nets, frameworks, embedded parts, etc.). The use of reinforcement in the steel structures is possible.

The Tula Metal Rolling Plant (TMPZ) manufactures welded reinforcement of А400 (А-III), А500С classes of 25G2С and St.3 steel, and also the non-welded reinforcement of A500 and A800 (At800) classes.

All TMPZ reinforcement is produced by hot rolling on a modern automated light-section mill 300. The workpiece is heated to a specified high temperature and is run through a group of rolling mill stands. In the final (finishing) rolling mill stand, a periodic profile is formed on the surface of the bars, which can be either a standard or an original screw-like configuration that allows jointing reinforcing bars in the construction conditions by means of inventory threaded couplers. Couplers can be included in the delivery of reinforcing bars.

In the production of reinforcing bars of A500C and A800 (At800) classes, an additional procedure of thermomechanical hardening in the rolling flow is carried out. At the final stage of production, the reinforcing bars are cut to the lengths agreed with the customer.

The entire range of TMPZ reinforcing bars undergoes a thorough check in the quality control department of the plant for compliance with regulatory documents. Each batch of reinforcement is accompanied by a quality certificate and a copy of the certificate of conformity.

Technical characteristics of manufactured reinforcement:

Reinforcement class

Diameter, mm

Yield strength*, N/mm²

Ultimate tensile strength**, N/mm²

Reference document for manufacturing

А400 (А-III)




GOST 5781-82





TU 093311-313-36554501-2014

А500С 12-32 500 600 GOST R 52544-2006
А800 (Ат800) 12-14 800 1000 GOST 10884-94

*Yield strength (physical σт or conditional σ0.2) is the mechanical characteristic of steel, which is the stress at which an intensive growth of the bar tensile strain begin

**Ultimate tensile strength (tensile strength)σв - maximum stress preceding the rupture of the bar.


Reinforcement А500

УUnique products of the Tula Metal Rolling Plant made of high-carbon quality steel of 76 grade and manufactured according to TU 093311-313-36554501-2014. As a workpiece for the production of this reinforcement, a square or decommissioned (old-year) rail is used. The geometry, mechanical characteristics and nominal mass of the reinforcement bars of 1m in length correspond to GOST R 52544-2006. This reinforcement is applied without welding, that is, i.e. it is joined by lapping or by mechanical connections, and cruciform joints of the bars are made knitted. Reinforcement is used in the form of individual bars, as well as in knitted reinforcement cages and nets, it is advisable to use it in monolithic reinforced concrete structures of buildings and structures of any purpose and responsibility level in accordance with GOST 54257.

The A500 reinforcement produced by the Tula Metal Rolling Plant due to its high carbon content in 76 steel has an increased corrosion resistance compared to the A500C class, so that prolongs the life of the entire structure.

Also, unlike the A500C reinforcement made of the steel of St3 series, the A500 reinforcement of the steel grade 76 has higher yield strength and ultimate tensile strength (tensile strength), which provides an increased margin of load-bearing capacity of reinforced concrete structures.

Reinforcement A500S

Reinforcement of A500C class is the most popular in the construction market, welded thermo-mechanically, hardened reinforcement made of St3 series steel. It is produced by the Tula Metal-Rolling Plant in accordance with GOST 52544-2006 and is a universal type of welded reinforcing bars used in a wide variety of construction fields.

Reinforcement А400

Hot-rolled reinforcement of А400 class is produced by the Tula Metal Rolling Plant in accordance with GOST 5781-82 of low-alloy steel of 25G2S grade. The chemical composition of this steel provides high cold resistance and weldability of reinforcing bars, which makes it possible to use it in regions with very low design winter temperatures, and also to use in structures of particularly critical structures, including those subjected to dynamic loads.

 Reinforcement of 25G2S steel is widely used in the construction of reinforced concrete bridges, railroads, trestles and other critical structures, including those operated in low-temperature (down to -55oC) climatic zones..

Reinforcement A800 (At800)

Reinforcement of this class is made by the Tula Metal Rolling Plant in accordance with GOST 10884-94 using the technology of thermo-mechanical hardening. It is widely used as a prestressed reinforcement in the industrial manufacture of prestressed prefabricated reinforced concrete elements for civil and industrial construction.


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